You Need To Watch Harry Styles Play A Very Horny Social Media Manager On ‘SNL’

We never thought we'd hear Harry Styles saying "getting railed to death", but here we are.

Harry Styles plays Sara Lee's horny social media manager on SNL

Harry Styles did the double-duty of hosting and performing on Saturday Night Live this weekend, and by all accounts, he absolutely killed it. But it’s one particular sketch where he plays a horny as hell social media manager that’s really caught on.

In the sketch, Styles plays the social media manager of Sara Lee. He’s been brought into HQ to be reprimanded over a repeated mistake: he keeps commenting as the dessert company, rather than with his own account. And since he’s seemingly very horny (and sad), that means Sara Lee keeps telling Nick Jonas stuff like “wreck me daddy” — admittedly, it’s not that far off the way a lot of brands talk on Twitter, but Sara Lee isn’t into it.

He’s also been posting on random Insta-gay accounts, asking via emojis to get railed to death — words we never thought we’d hear from Styles’ mouth, though they’re words we’re sure he sees on his own Instagram quite a lot.

Things get a little more explicit when Styles’ character begins to accidentally use Sara Lee’s IG as his own diary, writing about how he felt ignored in a threesome, and how we “must get rid of toxic in community”, explaining the typo was due to writing it it at 4am after a poppers high.

He posts another comment about needing a “real king” after a guy freaked out when he asked them to “spit in mouth”. As someone who used to control a food Instagram brand for work and uses hookup apps when he’s sad, this hit very close to home. Stars, they’re just like us!

The sketch was written by SNL‘s Julio Torres and Bowen Yang, two incredibly funny and incredibly queer comedians — Yang is a new cast member and acts in the scene, while Torres has an excellent and bizarre stand-up special about his favourite shapes. Unfortunately, the real Sara Lee isn’t in love with the sketch: after their Instagram got inundated with the likes of “wreck me daddy”, they’ve turned off the option to comment on their posts. Boo.

Styles also debuted his new single ‘Watermelon Sugar’ live, as well as ‘Lights Up’, the lead song from second solo album Fine Line, out December 13. Watch the sketch and performances below