The Video For The New Harry Styles Single ‘Lights Up’ Has Made Everyone Extremely Thirsty

Harry Styles

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Few one-time members of a boy band have had quite as stellar a career trajectory as Harry Styles.

The ex-One Direction mainstay has utterly transformed from his old self, all without ever alienating him from the fans that were there to support him in the very early days.

Of course, he is still recognisably Harry Styles. He hasn’t cynically dumped his early persona, dropping his old fanbase like so much excess baggage. He’s just pushed what it means to be Harry Styles in new and previously unthinkable directions.

One of the key tenets to that evolution has been his embracing of sex, sexuality, and the body — topics that are taboo for a boy band, but are du jour for American pop these days. His debut record was one long, beautiful testimony to the power of the human body; an exploration of potential, and release, and excitement.

Basically, Harry Styles has absolutely taken on the mantle of horny pop king. And you know what? It absolutely suits him.

Well, looks like Styles is only going to be pursuing that image further with his new glut of singles. The first one, ‘Lights Up’, which dropped overnight, is another paean to the wonders of the body.

I mean, just look at it, and see what I mean:

Clearly, the video is about bodies in general and Harry Styles’ body in particular. It’s also probably, as some have already pointed out, about being on mushrooms. Basically, it’s a testimony to having fun, in all its myriad of forms. And in a hectic year, on a hectic planet, isn’t that respite enough?

Understandably then, the internet is having a very good time, celebrating the joys of being a stan; the joys of being alive; the joys of being a thing in the world.

Oh, and also being very thirsty.

Truly blessed are we all on this day.