Prepare To Have Your Day Made By This Video Of Harry Styles Covering ‘Toxic’

A great song gets even greater.

Prepare To Have Your Day Made By This Video Of Harry Styles Covering 'Toxic'

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There is simply no popstar on the planet quite like Harry Styles.

The young star, who came to international prominence as a member of One Direction, has carved his own distinct path in the years since he became a solo artist. Expertly, he combines the old with the new; the cutting edge with the retro. His is a world of kindness, of creativity, of deep empathy.

More than that, Styles has an uncanny ability to make everything that he encounters seem defiantly like his own. He is in a constant process of self-creation, always assembling the tool at his disposal and branding them with his own unique mark. Whether he’s covering ‘Juice’ by Lizzo or crafting a signature aesthetic style, Harry Styles is always — firmly, thankfully — Harry Styles.

Need more proof? Then look no further than his wild cover of ‘Toxic’ by Britney Spears, which he performed in the States today as part of his Harryween concert series.

Dressed in a wonderfully frilly number, striding back and forth across the stage, Styles transformed the song entirely, turning it into a rock god anthem complete with belting vocal parts. It’s more proof of his talents, if any were needed, and another exceptional cover to add to his catalogue.

Watch the two minutes of the cover in full below, and get yourself into the full, untainted Harryween experience. Also, here’s to hoping that we get a recorded version of the cover sometime soon — this thing is too good to only exist in cellphone footage.