This Harry Potter Trend On TikTok Is Better Than Every Harry Potter Film

Accio funny meme.

Harry Potter TikTok meme

I’m starting to get the hang of what makes a good TikTok, or at least what sometimes makes a good TikTok: it’s gotta be something dumb and funny and a little bit difficult to make. The Harry Potter trend on TikTok is exactly that.

Basically, it requires three things.

  1. Something appropriating a broom. It doesn’t need to BE a broom, in fact it’s very funny when it’s not.
  2. A chaos version of the Harry Potter theme song (similar to this perfect Jurassic Park Melodica cover)
  3. And the editing chops to make it look like you are doing a choppy, cursed version of flying around.

Have a look:

Cool! I love that for them, and also for us. I find these inherently funny.

I think I find them funny because Harry Potter has to be the most tired franchise out there. Between Johnny Depp stinking up the Fantastic Beasts films, and J.K. Rowling deciding that wizards shitting on the floor is canon, it’s difficult to find joy in this formerly wondrous world.

These TikToks, in a way channel that feeling of Harry Potter in 2019: clunking, juddering, discordant and strange. But still, after everything, seeped in nostalgia.

OR, it’s just funny. Let’s watch more.