Tom Gleeson Dunked On Human Nature On The Latest Edition Of ‘Hard Chat’

"How do four white Australians capture the essence of motown?"

Hard Chat

Tom Gleeson has done Hard Chat with plenty of heavy hitters over the years. He’s torched Grant Denyer, gone toe-to-toe with Sophie Monk, and had a very strange conversation about eating human flesh with former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. But this week might have been his biggest coup yet, as he sat down with Australian music royalty… Human Nature.

Human Nature

We’re not worthy.

“Is it a coincidence that the most successful part of your career started when you began singing other people’s songs?” Gleeson asked the band. “You used to do originals, and then you stopped doing that, and things took off.”

“We just did a motown record for fun, because we love motown,” the band replied “All of a sudden, everybody loved it.”

“How do four white Australians capture the essence of motown?” quipped Gleeson.

The comedian also touched on their new album, Romance of the Jukebox.

“Why do you want to have sex with a sound system?” he asked. “Have any of you ever stuck your cock in an auxiliary output?”

But the guys got their own back when Gleeson questioned why there was no cool member of the group.

“We were thinking that we did need a fifth member,” they admitted. “Maybe a bald red head. Are you available?”

Watch the full Hard Chat below.