Watch Poor, Unsuspecting Anthony Callea Get Shredded On The New ‘Hard Chat’

"What's it like to be a ventriloquist's doll brought to life?" was Gleeson's first question

Anthony Callea on Hard Chat

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Anthony Callea is an acclaimed performer with almost 15 years experience in the public eye, not to mention the musical mastermind responsible for one of the fastest selling singles in Australian history. But none of the man’s credentials counted for shit when he stepped onto the Hard Chat set, and found himself savagely grilled by Tom Gleeson.

Callea was the latest guest on Gleeson’s infamous televised interrogation, a beloved The Weekly segment that sees the comedian shred celebrities into a fine, unprotesting powder.

“What’s it like to be a ventriloquist’s doll brought to life?” was Gleeson’s first question, and things never got significantly more pleasant from there.

“Your third single was called hurts so bad,” Gleeson prodded. “Was it inspired by listening to the previously two singles?”

“Gosh your mean,” Callea shot back. “No, not really. I didn’t actually really like that song. It was the record company that made me record that one. Shouldn’t have said that, actually. Going to get myself in trouble.”

Indeed, rather than take Gleeson’s grilling lying down, Callea handled the whole thing with tact and aplomb. Later, when the comedian asked Callea why he hadn’t called his Christmas album This Is Shit instead of This Is Christmas, Callea turned the questioning back on Gleeson, poking him until he revealed he hadn’t actually even listened to the record.

“If you did listen to it, you’d realise it’s not that shit,” the musician replied.

It was a sterling performance from a celebrity who has been rather out of the spotlight as of late — Callea hasn’t gotten this much solo press since he was a contestant on I’m A Celebrity.. Get Me Out Of Here.

But maybe the Hard Chat interview is set to change all of that. Could it be that we are living in the age of a Calleassaince?