Hannah Gadsby Was The Absolute Best Thing About The Emmys

"Please cancel the rest of the broadcast and just let Hannah Gadsby do the thing".

Hannah Gadsby

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To use Hollywood talk, Hannah Gadsby is HOT right now. She’s the name on everyone’s lips, the talk of the town. Since her Netflix comedy special Nanette went viral, everyone wants to jump on board the Gadsby train. Choo-choo! Pardon me boy, etc.

Her star continued to rise, with her hot minute of presenting time at the 2018 Emmys being widely hailed as the best part of the goddamn show. I mean — that’s both a testament to her talent and also just an acknowledgement of the fact that SNL news bro Michael Che and Colin “funniest man at the yacht club” Jost are hosting the whole shebang.

Anyway, she got on stage and did a whip-smart and much too short bit about how men don’t get jokes, which is basically a smart way of using this huge platform to subtweet all her critics. Then she proceeded to present an award to some guy from The Crown, who wasn’t there.

That’s cool, it wasn’t really about him. It was about Hannah Gadsby.

Anyway, watch the bloody video, it will take you almost no time at all. And then read all the responses of people being blown away by her talent and wit. Honestly, she should host the next Emmys. She should host the Oscars. She should host our country!

Anyway, we all stan Hannah Gadsby.