Hands Like Houses Covered Fuel’s ‘Shimmer’ For Like A Version And Yep, It Was Incredible

The Canberra outfit gave the '90s classic a bit of a rough up.

hands like houses shimmer fuel like a version photo

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that Fuel’s ‘Shimmer’ may just be the greatest song of all time.

Okay fine, perhaps it’s not, but it’s still one of the most perfect slices of late ’90s era rock — all anguished vocals and ringing minor chords. To listen to it now is to throw yourself into a time capsule.

This morning, Canberra crew Hands Like Houses sealed us in the time capsule and tore through the track on triple j’s Like A Version, with singer Trenton Woodley offering just as much angst and earnestness as the original. They keep fairly close to the original arrangement — how can you improve on perfection, after all — but add a little bit of raspiness and crunch for good measure.

The band also played through their recent single ‘The Water’, which features on their upcoming self-titled EP that’s due out on October 23. Watch and listen to both songs below.