The New Han Solo Film Is Called ‘Solo’ And Yep, The Internet Is Roasting It

Han Solo: The Original Thirst Crusher.


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Remember that Star Wars spinoff film about young Han Solo we’ve been getting hyped for? Well, director Ron Howard just announced the title and it’s, ah, well, Solo. Like the soft drink, except in an iconic Star Wars font!

Here’s Ron in a puffer jacket, proudly announcing the film’s title like it’s a huge deal, which it kind of is given that he’s been using the hashtag #UntitledHanSolo for the past several months of filming. Imagine how much more cryptic detail he could have crammed into tweets if he’d just shortened it to #Solo back then.

The internet is having a bit of a field day with the underwhelming reveal. To be sure, it’s not a terrible name, but if you’re gonna hype a title for months you might want to come up with more than four letters.

And then there’s The Walking Dead, who’ve just bizarrely co-opted the announce to spruik the return of their beloved zombie show in five days. Surprisingly effective, really — I totally forgot it was coming back so soon.

Anyway, jokes aside we’re still excited for Solo, which sounds like it’s going to be incredible. And based on the cast pics we have so far, it looks — much like its carbonated beverage namesake — like it’s going to be a real thirst crusher.