People Are Obsessed With This Story About A Dad Losing His Adult Daughter’s Hamster

"You are a lawyer, I am a hamster. We are not the same."

When Stephanie Veerman headed off to college, she left her beloved hamster with her dad.

But when Stephanie received a frantic text from her dad, Daniel, about an “emergency”, she never thought it would be about her hamster, Chester.


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Turns out Daniel misplaced Chester while cleaning out his cage, and started freaking out via text when he couldn’t find the little critter.

After Stephanie shared the pairs text log to Twitter, it went viral. “My dad took over my hamster once I went back to college and ended up getting really attached and today he escaped,” Stephanie tweeted. “And this goes to prove how truly pure my father is.”

Four screenshots detailed the story of Daniel’s quest to find Chester. An extremely apologetic Daniel told his daughter that even though he had put Chester in his ball “a whole bunch of times, I should have double checked.” Despite Stephanie telling her dad it was ok, he just couldn’t stop apologising.

“Dad do not freak out, it’s just a hamster!! We will find him,” Stephanie texted. “Oh my God I’m so sorry, honey. I’m so sorry, I’m looking everywhere. I’m so wicked sorry, I’ll keep looking all day,” Daniel replied.

“This is the absolute worst ever. I’m never going to forgive myself if he doesn’t come back,” Daniel continue to text. “If I can’t find him today, I’m not going to work tomorrow so I can keep looking.”

Stephanie tried to calm her dad down again, but it wasn’t working. “Dad he’s just a hamster. I don’t blame you at ALL. You shouldn’t skip work,” Stephanie implored. “You are a lawyer and he is a hamster.”

Not even Daniel’s master plan of using a ring of flour around the food bait worked to lure Chester out of wherever he was hiding. “I’m so sorry Steph. This is my biggest screwup ever. I will make it right,” Daniel said. “God is good, I will trust him. I know he likes peanut butter.”

Then 12 hours later, Stephanie’s dad found Chester in his cage. “Are you effing kidding me?” he text. “This was the most stressful day in my life since I took the bar exam.”

People soon became obsessed with the story and with Stephanie’s dad, otherwise known as ‘Hamster Dad’. The dedicated single father told Today that he grew an unexpected attachment to Chester. “I’m an empty-nester now,” Daniel said. “I don’t have a lot to take care of, and I almost screwed up the one thing I have.”

In awe over his pureness and unwavering dedication, the internet couldn’t help but express their love for Hamster Dad.

But there was one little detail in the story that everyone loved the most — the fact that Stephanie’s dad is a lawyer and was willing to take a day off to find the little hamster.

With some even suggesting that the iconic line could be the new statement that could apply to any situation.

And, as expected, after the tweet went viral, the line “you are a lawyer, and he is a hamster” started to get the royal meme treatment.

In a beautiful end to this crazily wholesome story, Daniel told BuzzFeed that since Chester was found, his attention is now on the holidays.

After a trip to Petco, Stephanie’s dad says Chester is “going to look like Santa Claus just in time for Christmas.”