Not A Day Goes By That I Don’t Think About Hamish & Andy ‘Freeating’ For A Whole Week On ‘Rove’

From taking leftover Happy Meals from kid's parties to chugging warm, expired custard, 'Freeating' lives rent-free in my mind.

Hamish and Andy Free eating rove

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The best part of Rove Live was easily any time that Hamish and Andy came on the show for their segment.

Every few weeks the boys would appear on the show with a new bonkers pre-filmed video, which was easily the most entertaining part of Rove. For example, the time when the two became conjoined twins for a week or when they went on a 42-hour back-to-back party marathon.

Arguably, however, Hamish and Andy produced their funniest segment back in 2009 with ‘Freeating’ — a video diary where the pair only ate food that was free (free eating) for an entire week.

Setting some ground rules for themselves to make the challenge fair, Hamish and Andy decided that they couldn’t buy food, steal food, or be given food for the entire week. But to make it that much more difficult, the boys then decided that no “food finding tactic” could be used twice during the week either.

After shovelling down some giant steaks in preparation for the Freeating challenge, the duo started their next morning with the most logical method available: Free samples.

However, things started to go downhill fast after securing only two handfuls of bread. From here, it started to get grim with Hamish and Andy relying on meals like free handfuls of sugar packets from a fast-food joint.

After some failed techniques like fishing and searching for bugs in field, the boys then decided to dig deep and eat Happy Meal scraps from a kid’s party at Macca’s. Yet, it somehow still went from bad to worse, when the duo took to dumpster diving for their next meal.

Now, while dumpster diving can normally yield some salvageable foods, watching Hamish Blake chug down an expired, warm carton of chocolate custard was truly revolting to witness. But, desperate times called for desperate measures.

Nearing the end of the week, the boys then followed the lead of literal seagulls in the hopes of finding any scraps they could. Taking to the footy oval to find any food left over by spectators, Hamish knocked back three hot chips, four pizza Shapes, and a tomato sauce for a delicious combo meal.

Somehow actually managing to survive until Rove aired, Hamish and Andy were eventually rewarded with burgers — which, kinda fitting with all things from the week considered, they gladly ate off the floor.

Aussie history, honestly.