Big Issues

Half Of Uni Students Have Felt So Isolated They Considered Dropping Out

According to a new study.

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Half of Australian university students have contemplated dropping out due to the pressures of isolated study, according to new research conducted by Studiosity.

Uni students are no stranger to the stress that can arise from juggling multiple assignments, a part-time job and a sense of sanity. Especially because, for most of the time, we’re left to our own devices to figure it all out. But Studiosity’s findings indicate that this stress can have a serious impact on a student’s ability to cope with their degree.

The study surveyed 1,000 Australian university students, and found that 51 per cent of students had considered leaving their degree due to the pressures of going it alone. It also found that men were twice as likely than women to feel loneliness and self-doubt. The study further acknowledged that while 59 per cent of 18-25 year olds feel comfortable studying alone, students aged 34 and above struggle a lot more with it.

It’s Crucial To Ask For Help

Half Of Uni Students Have Felt So Isolated They Considered Dropping Out

Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald, founder and executive chair of Studiosity Jack Goodman, stressed the importance of student support services. He said, “Universities care about how their students are supported, and that’s why on-demand support isn’t a ‘nice to have’ anymore. More students can study online, regardless of where they are, and we want to ensure they get the support needed after hours, when the university staff isn’t available to help, to progress and succeed.”

He added, “One of the most critical skills any university student can learn [when struggling] is to simply ask”.

If you’re having trouble with your course load, or you simply feel like you’re not getting the support you need, your uni is there to support you. Tell your tutor that you need an extension, or have a look at the mental health services available for you on campus.

It can never hurt to reach out.