Netflix’s New Series ‘Gypsy’ Features Naomi Watts Having A Whole Lot Of Sex

This show is as creepy as it is thirsty.

If there’s one thing everyone loves more than a famous in a new Netflix Original, it’s a famous having a whole lot of mysterious sexy times in a Netflix Original.

Netflix have just released the first look at their upcoming ten-part psychological thriller, Gypsy. The show stars Naomi Watts as Jean Holloway — a New York therapist with a penchant for banging people in her patients’ lives — and it looks pretty thirsty, you guys. I am here for Thirsty Naomi Watts. The series also stars the divine Billy Crudup as Jean’s husband, who can be seen moodily opening wardrobes in the trailer.

Watts is one of a few celebs who made their start in Australia but is not actually Australian (she was born in the UK!), but really she’ll always be Our Naomi Watts. She joins other A-list actors including Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Matthew McConaughey and Rachel McAdams who are making the move from film to ~Quality TV~ in droves.

Gypsy is directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson, who directed the first Fifty Shades Of Grey film. I know if I was Taylor-Johnson, I’d be looking for a kinky erotic thriller to get my hands; Fifty Shades of Grey featured about ten minutes total of Very Vanilla Sex. Gypsy, which teases lots of breathy body kisses, arched backs and bare skin, certainly looks like it fulfils that criteria.

It also features a bit of rare same-sex canoodling.


TV needs all the lesbian action it can get and yup, Twitter is extremely into it.


Gypsy premieres on Netflix June 30.