The Internet Has Fallen In Love With Guy Fieri, Walking Meme & Charitable King

Sure, he looks like an anthropomorphised Smash Mouth song, but he's a CHARITABLE Smash Mouth song.

guy fieri hero

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For years, celebrity “chef” Guy Fieri has been meme’ed into oblivion.

The Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives host is constantly poked fun at for his bleached blonde spikes, wrap around shades, infamous flame print shirt and his desire to take everyone to Flavour Town.

But in recent days, the public opinion of the walking meme has done a complete 180. Turns out, that beyond providing great laughs, Guy Fieri is actually doing way more to support those affected by coronavirus than a lot of government officials.

While speaking to TMZ Live, Guy Fieri revealed that he’s actually raised over $21.5 million USD to help out struggling workers in the food industry. By convincing CEOs of big companies involved in the industry — like UberEats, Coke and Pepsi — to partner with the National Restaurant Association, Guy Fieri has been able to help over 40,000 workers impacted by coronavirus with $500 grants.

When the news of Fieri’s charitable deeds hit the timeline, people praised the flamboyant chef for his generosity, even going so far as to call him “an American hero“. Beyond thanking him for his huge heart, others took the opportunity to apologise for any ill words they might’ve said about the King Of Flavour Town.

Quickly realising that Guy Fieri’s biggest crimes were only looking like an anthropomorphised Smash Mouth song and loving very bad food, the internet rejoiced over the vindication of the celebrity chef.

To make things even better, after news of Guy Fieri assisting out-of-work restaurant employees went viral, people started to share other moments of the chef being an absolute king. For example, like the time Fieri quietly officiated a mass wedding ceremony for 101 gay couples in honour of his late sister, who was a lesbian, and who unfortunately passed from cancer.

After Florida lifted the ban on same-sex marriages in 2015, Guy Fieri joined fellow celebrity chef, Art Smith, at the giant ceremony in Miami. The pair chose the specific number of courples as a 101 Dalmatians, and more specifically, Cruella De Vil, dig at then-Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, who was against lifting the same-sex marriage ban.

Beyond being a true LGBT+ ally and acting as a coronavirus bail-out system for the food industry, Guy Fieri has also been praised for his help during the California wildfires of 2018.

During the fires, it’s reported that the Food Network star worked tirelessly to feed hundreds of displaced victims and emergency response crew.

Packing his caravan full of food cooked alongside a team of 20 volunteers, local chefs and residents, the Salvation Army, and Operation Barbecue Relief, Fieri provided much-needed meals to those in need — and proving that he’s actually a fucking great guy all the time, Guy even did a similar thing in 2017 when his hometown of Santa Rosa in California faced wildfires too.

Honestly, king shit at its finest. Justice for Guy Fieri, meme turned absolute hero.