People Are Sharing Their Hilarious ‘Guess The Gibberish’ Instagram Filter Fails

Oh, to have the confidence of the person who thought "men nog gummy" was "motorcycle".

guess the gibberish challenge fails

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Over the last week, you’ve likely seen a bunch of your friends on their Instagram stories trying to decipher random words to form an equally weird phrase.

Based on the popular card game, Incohearent, the ‘Guess The Gibberish’ filter follows a similar concept. Stringing together a bunch of words that make no sense together, the ‘gibberish’ ends up sounding like a real phrase when sounded out correctly.

While the original party game is made by those responsible for What Do You Meme, the Instagram filter is totally separate from the company. Created by Microsoft intern Christopher Gu, the ‘Guess The Gibberish’ filter has already had over one billion impressions in just one week.

But while many have enjoyed getting the correct answer in the filter’s 10-second time limit, the real joy has come from seeing people fail miserably. Thankfully, people have been saving their Gibberish Challenge Instagram attempts and have started uploading them onto TikTok for all to enjoy.

A common trip up that people are finding is with the ‘dez pus seed hoe’ tile that really does sound like “THIS PUSSY THOOOOOO” instead of ‘Despacito’.

And, as expected, when people think they know the answer, they really do get a whole different level of confident.

Sometimes the random words thrown together just sound funny, even if the phrase — or topic — itself isn’t.

While the filter is pretty good, there are a few hurdles that people needed to get over like some unfortunate sounds and some tricky learning curves.

But all in all, ‘Guess The Gibberish’ and all its glorious fails is a great source of much needed comedy in these trying times.

To access the ‘Guess The Gibberish’ filter, open the effect on your mobile through this link. Alternatively, head to the Browse Effects section on Instagram, and search for ‘guess the gibberish’ there.