These Comedians Have Come Up With A Solution To The Wage Gap Through Song


One of the largest points of contention in the struggle for gender equality is the concept of the wage gap. The wage gap is the very real and documented inequality in paid wages between men and women in Australia. Feminists would like the wage gap to disappear, while angry piss-boys like to pretend that it’s a myth and that everything is fine and dandy for women around the world.

Rather than tread over the same old argument, Sydney comedians Hannah and Eliza Reilly have decided to simplify the issue with a bold and exciting new option for women in the work force:

Their new musical sketch proposes that women should piss off from work at 3:43pm, as a mathematical solution to the wage gap. The theory is that if you subtract the 16 percent gender pay gap from an eight hour work day, women in Australia are only being paid until the mid afternoon.

As they say – or rather, sing  – “since time is money and money is time, and since I’m being paid for 84 percent of mine, then we’re fucking off and going hoooooooome”.

Seems straight forward to me.

The catchy song and dance is part of the show Growing Up Gracefully which is currently airing on the ABC. The video of the sketch has already tallied up around 1.4 million views on Facebook.

Growing Up Gracefully airs on the ABC on Wednesday evenings at 9:30pm.