Grinspoon Took Another Shot At Margaret Court Via The Merch At Their Melbourne Concert


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Grinspoon have flipped the bird at former tennis champ Margaret Court over her abhorrent views about LGBTIQ people and marriage equality.

Court, whose name adorns the Margaret Court Arena in Melbourne, caused controversy earlier this year after threatening to boycott Qantas because the airline supports marriage equality. When people called her out, she doubled down hard, telling a Christian radio station that the LGBTIQ community was “after our young ones” and comparing same-sex marriage activists to Hitler.

Since then there’s been a growing push for Margaret Court Arena to be given another name. Martina Navratilova suggested naming it after another Australian tennis great in Evonne Goolagong. It even appeared that way on Google Maps for a short time, although Google insists it had nothing to do with it.

But the guys from Grinspoon have an alternative suggestion, one that would really get up Court’s nose. The band played a show at the venue last night and this is a photo of their official merch.

“We here at GSPN HQ believe marriage should be for all,” the band wrote on their Facebook page. They also confirmed that all proceeds from shirt sales would be donated to Australian Marriage Equality.

It’s not the first time Grinspoon has spoken out against Court. In May, lead singer Phil Jamieson told Music Junkee that while the retired tennis player was “entitled to her opinion”, she also deserved to be told “by the people playing her arena that they oppose what she stands for. Vehemently.”

He also said that “marriage equality is a simple human right,” and that it was “really embarrassing that Australia is so far behind.”

Meanwhile, Icelandic band Sigur Ros will also be selling a limited edition t-shirt in support of Australian Marriage Equality when they play the arena on July 27.

Feature image via Grinspoon/Instagram