Dev Patel Is An Extremely Unlucky Swordsman In The Eerie Trailer For ‘The Green Knight’

Monsters, secrets, and horrors abound.

Dev Patel in The Green Knight

If you have even a passing knowledge of the ancient poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, then you’ll know that things don’t go very well for the titular Sir Gawain.

Confronted by a giant, extremely intimidating and green-hued knight on New Year’s Eve, Gawain agrees to play a game with the stranger: he gets to strike the knight’s neck with a sword, and then, a year later, the knight gets to strike his neck with a sword right back. Convinced that he can chop off the dude’s head in one quick strike and eradicate the eventual retaliation, Gawain accepts the offer. Only, the green-hued knight is magic, and though Gawain succeeds in cutting off his head entirely, the knight picks it up, smiles, and tells Gawain he’ll be seeing him in a year.

So yeah, poor Gawain isn’t exactly the most capable character in the poem — he’s more like a young fool, wandering into a scenario he cannot control. Which seems to be exactly the take on the character provided by David Lowery (Ghost StoryPete’s Dragon) in his new film, The Green Knight.

Starring Dev Patel, he of Slumdog Millionaire fame, as Gawain, and Australia’s own Joel Edgerton as The Green Knight, the film is a dark, eerie take on the story. Gone are the swishing gowns and bright corners of previous adaptations of the story — this one looks dark and terrifying, filled with people sharing knowing glances in shadow-drenched hallways and giant, deeply intimidating baddies lurching around the place.

Watch the trailer in full to see what I mean. Then get ready for the release of The Green Knight, which drops sometime in the American Summer, this year.