The Most Savage Reactions To Green Book’s Best Picture Oscar Win

"Remember when Green Book won Best Picture? Man, that choice did not age well."

Green Book faces backlash over Best Picture Oscar win

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Film lovers have slammed the decision to award the Best Picture Oscar to Green Book, with the announcement sparking an immediate backlash both on the internet and at the ceremony itself.

The comedy-drama about Dr. Donald Shirley, a black musician, and Tony Lip, his white chauffeur, driving across America’s deep south in the early 1960s has been accused of peddling a white saviour narrative, and was described as “a symphony of lies” by Shirley’s family. The fact that it was written by a man who believes anti-Muslim conspiracy theories and directed by a man who once pulled his dick out on the set of a film probably doesn’t help the situation either.

The reaction on social media to Green Book‘s win was swift and extremely brutal.

But as savage as the response online was, the people at the actual Oscars were arguably even less impressed.

Spike Lee, who won Best Adapted Screenplay for BlacKkKlansman, was particularly critical of the decision, equating it to a basketball game where the ref “made a bad call”.

Brandishing a champagne flute, the filmmaker told reporters he was on his sixth glass. “You know why,” he quipped.

“Every time someone is driving somebody, I lose,” Lee added, referencing the 1990 Oscars when Driving Miss Daisy won Best Picture while his masterpiece Do The Right Thing failed to score a nomination.

Ultimately though, it might be this clip that summed up his feelings best.