Please Enjoy This Grandma Going Off During Lewis Capaldi At A Music Festival

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Grandma dances to Lewis Capaldi's set at TRNSMT 2019

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There is absolutely no reason why people of all-ages can’t get behind live music. It speaks to an artist’s power if they can attract a 9-99 crowd — and it looks like Lewis Capaldi is one of those people, after a video of someone’s ‘nan’ dancing on shoulders during one of his sets has gone viral.

Capaldi yesterday played a huge afternoon set at Glasgow’s new TRNSMT Festival, with The Guardian‘s review calling it the day’s high-point. And unless this woman absolutely went off during the headlining sets by Stormzy or George Ezra, we’re gonna guess that she agrees.

In a video shared to Twitter by punter Cian McGivern, we see this gran go off during Capaldi’s chart-busting single ‘Someone You Love’. On someone’s shoulders, she sings along, waves, dances and truly just has a better time than anyone else there.

Once the video picked up some traction and some love by Capaldi himself (who retweeted it saying he ‘fucking loved it’), Twitter user Jenna Gregor identified herself as the woman’s grand-daughter began to share more footage of the nan online. Music Junkee have reached out to Gregor, and will let you know if we have any more info of her nan’s time at the festival.

In case you’re wondering, Capaldi’s set included a cover of Oasis’s ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ while wearing a Chewbacca mask, a wink to Noel Gallagher saying he sung like the Star Wars character. The 22-year-old’s taking it in stride, recently telling The Guardian he considered being slagged off by Gallagher a rite-of-passage and somewhat “life affirming”.

Judging by his TRNSMT performance and recent Glastonbury set where he and his band wore shirts with Noel’s face in love hearts, Capaldi’s up for a bit of back-and-forth. History shows Noel’s up for it, too, but we imagine that Liam, beyond posing for a pic with Capaldi, might be a bit too busy to get involved, figuring out who threw that fish at him last year.