We’re All Losing Our Minds Over Janelle Monáe’s Grammys Performance

Watch a master at work.

Janelle Monáe performing at the 2019 Grammys

The 61st annual Grammys Awards are currently underway in Los Angeles, hosted by Alicia Keys.

While Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Cardi B and Childish Gambino are all nominated for a bucketload of awards, the true winner might end up being Janelle Monáe.

Her performance of ‘Make Me Feel’ from Album Of The Year-nominated Dirty Computer utterly wowed audiences.

Backlit by a bisexual blue-and-pink neon, Monáe begun the song with a guitar in hand, playing the song’s baseline — originally recorded by Prince — before joining her troupe of dancers.

From there out, it was all high-octane movement, with Monáe belting through the song while moonwalking, gyrating on the floor and performing some slick Janet-esque choreography.

Mixed throughout during an intense dancebreak were sections from Dirty Computer standouts, ‘Django Jane’ and ‘Pynk’. It featured surprise horns, vulva pants and a mic drop. You can watch the full performance now — do it.

On Twitter, reaction was feverish, with musicians like Charli XCX and Ariana Grande (who is watching this year’s Grammys from home, amid disagreements over a scheduled performance) joining in to scream online.

And in the crowd, Lady Gaga was…ahem…going gaga.

Watch the full performance below.