Watch Grace Tame Serve Nothing But Daggers In A Photo Op With Scott Morrison At The Lodge

Australian of the Century.

grace tame

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Grace Tame may only have one day left in her role as Australian of the Year, but she’s still out here representing our collective disgust for Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Tame won the Australian of the Year honour in 2021 for her achievements in advocating for survivors of sexual assault and grooming. In the last 12 months, she has continually used her platform to advocate for change and spread awareness about the signs of grooming.

On Tuesday, she attended the 2022 Australian of the Year Finalists Morning Tea with her partner, Max Heerey, who proposed to her last week. The pair arrived at The Lodge on Tuesday morning, where they were greeted by Morrison and his wife, Jenny — purchaser of RATs and the woman behind any shred of empathy this man has.

Tame — who has publicly criticised Morrison and his government on multiple occasions — looked visibly uncomfortable and unimpressed with the photo op, which took place outside The Lodge while she waited to enter the event.

Morrison was heard congratulating her on her recent engagement and asking how she is going.

Tame simply replied “thank you” while not making eye contact with Morrison. She gave Jenny a polite smile but avoided making unnecessary small talk with Morrison, who has a history of making comments like “I bet it felt good to get that out” after Tame delivered her powerful speech on sexual abuse.

Tame is serving absolute daggers in all of the photos, which is iconic in itself. But it gets even better when you see the SBS footage, which looks like it’s straight out of a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode, honestly.

Her visible disapproval of the Morrison government should come as no shock, considering Tame has spent the last year refusing to shy away from criticism of the Morrison Government.

In October, she called out the government for not consulting her on the national plan to end child abuse, despite the fact that she received the Australian of the Year honour after speaking out about her own story of abuse.

Despite ample backlash from the likes of News Corp and One Nation’s Mark Latham, Tame has stood strong.

While her critics have been quick to criticise the move and assert that she should “stay classy”, it’s important to remember that Tame doesn’t owe anyone — especially Morrison — a smile or a photo op.