The Internet Is Losing It Over Nintendo’s ‘Gooigi’, An Edible Luigi Made Of Goo?

Nintendo has confirmed that he is, indeed, edible.


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You’ve met Mario, you’ve met Luigi: now meet Gooigi, a Luigi made of goo.

Honestly, I could end this story right here — you’ve obtained pretty much all the information you’re going to get about Gooigi. He’s a Luigi clone made of a verdant, terminal green gelatinous substance. He’s also a very real part of the forthcoming Luigi’s Mansion 3, and appeared in a trailer for the game that aired at E3 last week.

That trailer featured Luigi in full, baffling, squelching colour, and the internet is, uh, transfixed? Baffled? Unable to look away?

It gets better: there’s also an official Gooigi backstory, which Nintendo producer Kensuke Tanabe shared in an interview with Game Informer last week. Apparently, Nintendo was trying to come up with a way to make Luigi’s Mansion 3 multiplayer, and one strategy was to introduce a copy of Luigi (no Waluigi, sadly).

“While we were doing that, the team happened to be experimenting with using a goo-like material for ghosts,” Tanabe told Game Informer. “They were like, ‘what if we gave them a little more substance and made them out of goo?’ And then those two ideas came together.”

Game Informer also asked Tanabe if Gooigi is edible, to which he responded: “you’re the second person to ask if you can eat Gooigi”.

“It’s probably like gummies so you could eat it. The actual backstory is that Professor E. Gadd extracted a bunch of energy out of the ghost that he captured, and then he accidentally spilled coffee on it, and that’s how the goo was made.”

Let that be a lesson to you: do not, under any circumstances, spill coffee on Ghost Energy. Or do, if Gooigi revs your engine. Who are we to judge?



Anyway, if you hadn’t heard of Gooigi before now, we’re so sorry. If, conversely, you can’t get enough of him, Luigi’s Mansion 3 is out later this year.