Google Translate Has Given Birth To The World’s Most Wholesome Meme

"Mongooses can be good boys too".

Google Translate TikTok meme

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The kids are back at it with the fresh memes, thanks to 13 Reasons Why, Google Translate and a couple of tears.

If you’re a 13 Reasons Why fan, the haunting “ooo” at the start of Lord Huron’s ‘The Night We Met’ will transport you right back to the Liberty High School Winter Dance.

In the finale for the second season of the controversial Netflix series, the song plays during the Winter Dance. This makes Clay weep in the middle of the dance floor, as ‘The Night We Met’ was the same song that Clay and Hannah danced to a year prior, when she was still alive.

Knowing that the haunting Lord Huron track was Clay and Hannahs song, his friends find and embrace a clearly emotional Clay while the tune plays out.

Already a beautiful song with fitting lyrics for the 13RW storyline, the instrumental is just as powerful. This inspired Rhys Williams, a self proclaimed “amateur music producer”, to create his own violin cover on TikTok.

The cover soon took off, with more than 16,000 people using his audio and thus kickstarting a brand spanking new meme.

While Rhys’ rendition is undoubtedly beautiful, people managed to flip the track and poke fun at the seriousness of it all.

Through combining sad music and a computerised reading of an ~uplifting message~, the Google Translate meme was born.

A lot of the memes focus on Google Translate telling someone that they don’t look like something they most definitely do look like, and honestly? It’s perfect.

Then the meme was taken over by a whole bunch of dogs, and, for some reason, even a mongoose.

The messages of affirmation didn’t stop there either. People started to get super specific with it.

No, like SUPER specific, yet somehow still so relatable?

I don’t know about you, but I’m about to head to Google Translate for a little support now.