Check Out The Amazing Cast Of ‘Good Girls’, A New Show About Mums Breaking Bad

"I smell like booze and crime."

Good Girls

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Good Girls is an upcoming TV series from NBC, about a bunch of desperate suburban mums who decide to rob a grocery store to solve their problems. Pretty basic stuff? Here’s the kicker: it stars an absolutely gun cast including Christina Hendricks, Mae Whitman and Retta. It’s also made by Amy Poehler and Kim Rosenstock (New Girl).

In the genre of Breaking Bad and Weeds, the group of normal women are pushed into committing some light armed-robbery due to a variety of bad circumstances, including a chronically ill child, a spousal gambling debt, and a custody battle. The series is described as a comedy-infused drama, kind of like Thelma and Louise meets Breaking Bad.

While the drama of the robbery provides the show with a great hook, it’s the excellent comedy chops from its stars that seem the most exciting, like Arrested Development’s Mae Whitman and Parks and Recreation’s Retta. Christina Hendrick’s role was originally slated for Kathleen Rose Perkins from Gone Girl, but was recast by NBC.

The trailer just dropped online. Check it out below:

Good Girls premieres February 26 on NBC in the US, but no word yet for Australian viewers.