‘Gogglebox’ Wants You (To Sit On A Couch And Shout At A Television)

Who's the mate you reckon you'd smash 'Gogglebox' with?

Yvie and Angie are Gogglebox fan favourites

There is no show on television quite like Gogglebox. And if you’re lucky, you could even be on it — they’re searching for new TV obsessed families.

Like a non-fiction version of The Royle Family, it’s a case of television turning back on itself — a deeply weird, surprisingly engaging commentary on Australian commercial media which sees groups of friends, family and housemates sit in front of the television and cheerfully utter whatever thought crosses their minds.

Basically, there’s absolutely no reason that it should work, and yet, now approaching its tenth season, it’s one of the most oddly addictive shows on reality television; a genuine triumph of programming that boasts a devoted and engaged fanbase.

It’s also exactly the kind of program that literally everybody thinks they could nail if they were guests on. After all, the requisites for going on Gogglebox are A) being a nice person, and B) watching a lot of television. Pretty much everyone on the planet Earth is convinced that they’ve ticked off the first box, and most of us tick off the latter one too, because the real world is scary and fucked up and television is not.

Well, now your Gogglebox dreams can finally be realised — the show is on the hunt for two new sets of TV watchers to join their reality TV family.

Better still, for the first time in the show’s history, producers are accepting pitches from residents of Queensland (in the past, Gogglebox groups have been from either Melbourne or Sydney.)

So, drop a line to your funniest and most engaging family member/friend/roommate, then head over to the Gogglebox casting website in order to apply. All you need is to be an Australian citizen, and to send over at least two photos of the place that you like to watch you television (so it’s probably time to give your living room that spring clean you’ve been putting off for the last few years.)