This Gladys Berejiklian Fan Art Page Is Genuinely The Stuff Of Nightmares

It's official. We've well and truly lost it.

Gladys Berejiklian Fan Art Instagram

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Despite Sydney only being stuck indoors for two weeks so far as the state tries to keep COVID numbers at bay, we’ve already reached the cursed “Gladys Berejiklian Fan Art” stage of lockdown.

Following on from other chaotic Gladys-related activities we’ve seen so far, like everyone playing COVID bingo with the NSW Premier’s jacket colours and case numbers and Berejiklian jokingly becoming TikTok’s new hero, “Gladys Fan Art” is now a thing that regretfully exists now, too.

Somehow already sporting an impressive 51 fan-submitted (and the word “fan” is doing some heavy lifting here) portraits, the artistic impressions of the NSW Premier range from bad to worse. I apologise in advance.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

Surprisingly, this Gladys Berejiklian fan art page has actually been around for a while.

The first-ever Gladys portrait was uploaded in April 2020, but the drawings have understandably picked up steam over the last week as more and more people try to pass the time during Sydney’s latest lockdown.

With no real end date for lockdown in sight as NSW reports COVID numbers into the high 70s to 100s each day, it’s really not that wild that we’ve reached this stage of what I’d call a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome.

Don’t believe me? Take this unbelievably horrifying “Lock Me Up, Gladdy” portrait that features sexy Gladys in handcuffs while biting down on a rose, for example. Terrifying stuff.

Now, I’m aware this whole thing is one big joke. No one is genuinely “stanning” Gladys Berejiklian on TikTok, nor do people really think she’s the #GirlBoss of the year.

And while we can only hope and pray that these portraits aren’t a cheeky way for people to profess their undying and unwavering love for the NSW Premier, you can’t blame people for turning something as sad and lonely as lockdown into something that everyone can have a laugh at.

Whether it’s people banding together in the comments before the NSW Premier hops onto a live stream to deliver COVID updates while wearing a bright purple blazer, or if it’s the nation coming together to collectively poke fun at what a pisspoor job Scott Morrison has been doing over the last few months, Aussies deserve to have a bit of a laugh.

Should Gladys have locked Sydney down a lot faster than she did to prevent COVID from getting this bad? Definitely. Should the government figure out a support plan for businesses going through lockdown so staying at home becomes easier? Without a doubt.

But should people also be allowed to criticise the Premier and her actions, while also being able to draw horrifying portraits of Gladys Berejiklian if that’s what they want to do? 100 percent, yes.

So just have a bit of fun, sit back, and enjoy the ensuing nightmares that @GladysFanArt will definitely bring you.