Gina Rodriquez Is Gonna Be Diaz’s Girlfriend On ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ And We’re Absolutely Dying

People are freaking out.

Gina Rodriguez

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In huge news for fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, love, and queer women kissing each other, Gina Rodriguez has landed the much-hyped role of Detective Rosa Diaz’s girlfriend. Heck yes.

The star of Jane the Virgin and Annihilation will be joining the fifth season of the award-winning cop comedy as a guest star, playing the role of the newly confirmed bisexual Diaz’s girlfriend. Diaz, played by Stephanie Beatriz, only recently came out as bisexual on the show, in a very tender and much lauded episode of the comedy.

Beatriz herself absolutely foreshadowed the possibility of Rodriguez getting the role, when she was talking about her dream casting. In an interview with EW, Rodriguez was the first of her list of names, along with famous comedy queer Kate McKinnon, which also would have been amazing.

“Love Gina Rodriguez, and think she would be fantastic. Katie McKinnon, would love to kiss Kate McKinnon. Those are probably the top two for me. Then, in an imaginary dream world, it would be [Jennifer Lopez]. I feel like J.Lo and Rosa would make a great couple — but not Jennifer Lopez the actress, like the real J.Lo, with J.Lo playing J.Lo.”

In response, Gina Rodriguez took to Twitter to express her extreme interest in the role.

Clearly it worked, with Rodriguez’s casting first teased in a now-deleted Instagram photo from Terry Crews. So far, it’s believed she will guest star in one episode. Naturally, the internet is freaking out.