‘Big Big Sound’ Memes Are The Next Big Big Thing Ahead Of The AFL Grand Final

Big tune.

AFL Giants

The AFL Grand Final is this weekend. Maybe you heard something about that, on account of it being absolutely everywhere.

Of course, the Grand Final is a big deal every single year, but this time around, the thing’s got a special electric energy all of its own. The Greater Western Sydney Giants are playing their first ever Grand Final against Richmond, giving the whole thing a special feel.

And, because it is 2019, where else should that special energy be directed but Twitter, and how else should it be expressed but in the form of memes?

The focus of this social media flurry is The Giants’ anthem, the indefatigable ‘Big Big Sound’. Few sports songs are as bombastic, or as rousing — it’s a big brash work of art, making it perfect fodder for the internet. Hence, users have started cutting it with dozens of different clips, turning it into a louder, substantially less irritating version of the Rickroll meme.

Less easy to understand is why the other element of this viral stew is The Simpsons — it’s not like Springfield’s favourite yellow family have any association with The Giants.

But hey, sometimes when these trends come along, the best thing is to strap in, and let the ride take you where it wants to go.

Of course, this whole thing will step up to another gear if The Giants win the Grand Final. So, if they do, get ready to have ‘Big Big Sound’ stuck in your head for a couple of days.