GetUp Wants To Know Which Right Wing Politicians You Want Out Of Parliament

They'll use your votes to decide who to target this election.

GetUp wants your input on voting out the hard right next election.

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There’s a federal election coming up in 2019, and while we don’t know the precise details yet (it’ll probably be in May), that hasn’t stopped GetUp from hitting the ground running. The activist group is planning on getting some hard right politicians voted out of Parliament, and they want you to vote on who they should target.

The GetUp website currently features a shortlist of 18 MPs to choose from, including everyone’s least favourites Peter Dutton, Tony Abbott, Barnaby Joyce and George Christensen, amongst others. They’ve even got (current Prime Minister) Scott Morrison in there, in case you don’t think we’ve seen enough Liberal Party leadership changes in the past few years.

The shortlist also includes helpful dot points listing some of the worst things each shortlisted MP has done lately, though we recommend doing your own research before deciding who you want to campaign against (or for). The margin by which each MP currently holds their seat in Parliament is also included, giving you a bit of an idea of how hard it would be to pull a Wentworth there.

In the case of some MPs, that margin is dangerously slim — Peter Dutton, for instance, holds his seat by a margin of just 1.7 percent, which means there’s a good chance he could lose it come election time.

If you’re interested, you can check out GetUp’s shortlist and let them know which MPs to campaign against over here. It’s worth noting that the list only includes Coalition MPs at the moment, so if you’re hoping to launch a campaign against a Labor or minor party politicians you’re likely going to have to do your own work there.

And if you’re not interested in having GetUp speak for you at all, let this be your reminder to start thinking about the next federal election anyway. If you’re unhappy with what you’ve seen in politics over the last year, this is your chance to have a say. Now’s a great time to look up the margin in your own electorate and see whether there’s a chance to make some changes there, or maybe even seek out some candidates you like and find a way to show your support.