5 Step Guide To Getting Over A Really Bad Tinder Date

Ha ha ha, kill me.

tinder date

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Tinder can be a mixed bag of emotions. One minute, you’re swiping on some cuties and making first date plans – the next, you’re wondering what you did to deserve the hell they put you through.

From having a guy hook up with another girl on the date, to a girl showing up with a stack of printed holiday photos (show and tell style), my mates and I have been through it all. Here are some tried and true tips for getting over the rough times.

#1 Wallow

Like the first step of getting over anything, you need to have a good ol’ wallow. There’s no shame in having a cry about the disappointment of the date. Call up a friend and tell them the story. It’ll make you feel better just to vent.

There is a lot to be said about just letting yourself feel the emotions. It doesn’t matter that it was only a first date, or that you barely know the person. Being treated like crap sucks, and you’re allowed to be sad about it.

#2 Get Active

After a particularly bad Tinder date, my housemate forced me out of my room, and into the garden to do some weeding– and boy did that help.

Whether you go for a full workout, or just do some angry pacing up and down your room, the more you move, the less horrible the whole thing will seem. You are also bound to have a lot of nervous energy after working yourself up about this date, so why not find a way to release that – you might even find yourself with a clean bathroom as a result. Remember, there are plenty of other people on Tinder waiting to release energy too.

#3 Get Back Out There

Unmatch that douchebag and get right back out there! Update your profile, think of some one-liners and warm up your swiping fingers. The great thing about Tinder is that there are endless people to meet up with, so getting over one terrible date by jumping into another isn’t as difficult as it seems.

Online dating is essentially a numbers game, and while there are bound to be some shitty people out there, the good ones are just waiting to get that swipe right from you. If you are feeling down about the Tinder scene, try out some other apps. Often times a slight change of pace could be just the right medicine. Give Bumble or Plenty of Fish a try, you never know who you could find!

#4 Delete Delete Delete

The alternative to getting back on the horse (ha ha) is just deleting it all together. There is absolutely no shame in this. There are heaps of other ways to meet people, and you can finally stop feeling that Tinder anxiety every time your phone buzzes.

People have been dating without apps forever, and now you have time to try out speed-dating or even chatting up the babe that catches the same train as you.

#5 Tell The World

The only way to truly get over a bad date is to make it into a fun story. Once you are able to laugh about it, all the disappointment and anger will finally leave your body, and that fateful night will no longer feel so damn awkward.

Also, hearing other people’s failed Tinder stories is half the fun, so ask your next date about their worst experience and revel in the pain together. It’ll make for great bonding.

(Lead image: Awkward/MTV)