Now You Can Take An Online Uni Course Inspired By ‘Get Out’

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If you so much as logged on to the internet during 2017, you would have heard about Get Out. And for good reason. Jordan Peele’s commentary on race relations in the US through the lens of horror was a bonafide masterpiece. It totally blew our minds.

In fact, it’s so good that a US university professor is now teaching a course inspired by it. But unlike pretty much anything written by William Shakespeare, Get Out is a text we’d be actually excited to study.

“The Sunken Place”

UCLA professor and author Tananarive Due was so impressed by Get Out that she decided to create a standalone course on it. Starting January 13, the class is called “The Sunken Place: Racism, Survival and Black Horror”. The website says it will examine the cultural force of Get Out and a bunch of other texts including The Birth Of A Nation and Beloved, looking at “how African-Americans spun the nightmare of slavery and oppression into dreams, art, and music that has changed and inspired the world”.

The IRL course is being taught at UCLA but in good news for us, Due and her teaching partner Stephen Barnes are offering a webinar version online so anyone (ahem, us!) can take part too. The course doesn’t give you any credit and it’s not affiliated with UCLA, but if you’re a film student (or just really love horror) it would be an awesome experience.

Jordan Peele himself is even expected to answer students’ questions about the film. Last year, he snuck into the UCLA class to surprise the students, which is just the most delightful thing that could possibly happen in a tute.

So, How Do We Join?

The course currently costs $348US (approx $444AUD) to join, which is a little exxy for our dire student wallets. But if you can wait a little longer, Due tweeted that she expects prices to go down once the course has finished and the webinar is uploaded as files.

Interested? You can sign up or read more about it here. If you haven’t seen Get Out and you’re wondering what the heck we’re talking about, read Junkee’s review of it here. (Then watch it, ffs!)

(Lead image: Get Out/Universal Pictures) 

h/t: Teen Vogue