Get Krack!n’s Latest Segment Is A Perfect Piss-Take Of Garbage Fire TV Debates

It's called Kunts for Klicks, and it is brutal.

Get Krack!n roasts breakfast TV debates

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Whether it’s Sunrise airing a segment about how the #MeToo movement has gone too far, or Kerri-Anne Kennerley defending R. Kelly on Studio 10, sometimes it feels like I spend half my life reporting on all the stupid shit people say and do on breakfast TV. Which might be why I found this new Get Krack!n segment so deeply, deeply satisfying.

To be clear, the ABC comedy is already a pretty perfect parody of the endless hellscape that is morning television. But this segment from this week’s episode, appropriately titled “Kunts for Klicks”, is fucking next level.

The segment honours “the time honoured breakfast TV tradition of adding hysteria to a non-issue of the day” by asking a trio of guests to debate a hot topic — specifically, whether girls should be allowed to wear shorts to school.

“Unemployed right-wing firebrand” Tikki Cheeseman gets things off to a good start, screaming about “the gay left defenderati”.

“I’m old, I’m rich, this doesn’t affect me, I’m furious,” she rants, before walking off the set.

Next comes “government-pension funded troll” Bill Langham, who insists not only that girls shouldn’t be allowed to wear shorts, but that women shouldn’t even be permitted to vote.

“All women should die,” he adds.

“Convicted white supremacist” Coby Boyle takes things one step further, declaring that all Muslims should be killed too “because they’re fucked”.

Of course host Kate McLennan is quick to point out that these aren’t views that she or her co-host Kate McCartney necessarily share. “But they’re definitely opinions that we are 100 percent complicit in broadcasting and that, in time, we will go to hell for,” she concedes.

“Oh absolutely, the devil is coming for us in our dreams,” McCartney agrees.

Check it out below.

Get Krack!n airs on the ABC on Wednesdays at 9pm. You can also catch up on iView.