The Trailer for Peter Jackson’s Beatles Documentary Is Here And It Looks Epic

'Get Back' will chronicle one of the most torturous times in the band's history.

Trailer for the new Beatles documentary 'Get Back' by Peter Jackson

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In 1969, The Beatles got together to record what would be their last album, the heartwrenching and humane Let It Be.

It was a torturous time for the band. Tensions between John Lennon and Paul McCartney were high, and George Harrison had already temporarily left the group. McCartney thought that recording a series of straight up and down rock songs might be an opportunity for the Beatles to find themselves once again.

But it was all in vain; within less than a year, the band had split up, and Let It Be was released after their heartbreaking dissolution.

As it turned out, during all the commotion of the recording, a camera crew were on hand to record the disintegration. They filmed upwards of 50 hours of footage, capturing the group at their raw and ragged best. Everything ended up on film, from the genesis of the songs to the snarky, blunt way that the band had begun to speak to each other.

For decades, that footage went unseen, dispatched to a vault and hidden from public eye. That is, until now. Peter Jackson, the acclaimed filmmaker behind the Lord of the Rings series, was granted unprecedented access to the hours of footage, and has crafted it into a new documentary miniseries, titled Get Back.

The multi-part series, which is set to debut on Disney+ this November, takes a warts-and-all look at one of the most famous bands to ever lay their stories down to tape. From the trailer, it looks like it will be difficult, if necessary viewing, with the band appearing burnt out; frazzled; cautious.

But it’s not all depressing stuff. There’s also the joyous experience of watching the band at work, seeing the way that they clicked songs into place and made their singular magic.

Basically, the trailer promises one of the musical experiences of the year. Watch it in full here, and then prepare for the premiere, this November 25: