Why You Really Gotta Get Yourself A Pushbike

We bet you've been meaning to for a while now.

Bikes are more than just cute Insta accessories, trendy ways to explore Rome or something kids occupy themselves with during the summer break; cruising around on a bicycle is a great way to explore, travel and exercise. Yes, even for adults.

And don’t let scary cyclists in lycra scare you off, bike riding isn’t only for those who are into cross-country gallivanting or taking up an entire café with their 400 riding buddies. Owning and using a bike can be a fun way to get around town, explore with your friends and substitute your fuel guzzling transport. And it won’t be hard to jump back on if it’s been a while, so if you’re worried, don’t be! It’s just like riding a bike (sorry).

Those Dollar Bills 

Using your bike to go to and from the shops, work, school, wherever means you don’t need to spend money on fuel, maintenance and, if you’re really keen to ditch the money machine, your car rego.

In our major cities, between public transport and riding, you can get just about anywhere you would with a car, so check out your local council to see what public transport you can take your bike on and away you go!

You’ll Be Way, Way Healthier

Leisurely riding a bike around town is a great way to increase your heart rate and improve your mental health. Classified as an aerobic exercise, bike riding is not only good for your heart, lungs and blood flow but because it’s “low impact” exercise, it’s also good for your muscles and joints. The best part is you’ll be adding exercise in to your everyday life, making it easy to get your 30 mins just by getting to uni, work or your mates place.

Parking Is Free

Hitting the town is easier when you’re commuting on a bike because you don’t need to worry about the hassle of finding a parking spot for your car. Parking with your bike is free and as simple as finding a pole or tree to chain it to. So, instead of wasting your time stalking people in shopping centre car parks in hopes of snagging their spot, arrive, chain and be on your merry way!

Maintenance Is Cheap And Easy

You can avoid expensive mechanic fees by doing your own maintenance on your bike. Sure, you may have to pay someone once in while to fix your gears or replace something broken but generally, you can replace your own tyres, clean out the cogs and generally care for your bike yourself. A quick online search will likely provide you with some local initiatives and organisations that will teach you how to care for your new best friend.

See Your City In A Whole New Light 

Exploring your local town or city on a bike will give you access to some unusual and exciting spots that aren’t accessible via car. Think bike tracks, transport routes and walking trails, exploring your city on two wheels will give you an entirely new outlook on your neighbourhood.

Help The Planet

Using your car less is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint and help sooth our sweet mother earth. Not only will you avoid using petrol, your car will last longer and require less fixing ­– all of which will translate into less consumption and commercial production.

Kelly Walker is a creative writer and recovering bagel addict based in Melbourne. When she’s not writing or playing roller derby, she’s searching for the best smashed avo ever. She’s on Twitter at @kellywalker89 and promises to start tweeting, one day.

(Lead image: Stranger Things/Netflix)