Gerry Harvey, Literal Billionaire, Is Trying To Evict A Terminally Ill Woman From His Property

Both parties are claiming ownership of the property.

gerry harvey

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Billionaire business tycoon Gerry Harvey is in a legal stoush with a terminally ill pensioner over an eviction notice for the home she shared with her late husband Garry Dent for more than eight years.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Peggy Luker is suing G Harvey Nominees — Gerry’s sole shareholder trust — after she was served an eviction notice for a property she lived rent-free in for nearly a decade. As per the court documents, Harvey allegedly visited her home uninvited in June last year to suggest she relocate to commission housing, then issued her with the notice shortly after.

“Maybe you can get into a housing commission or something. Surely you have a Plan B?” Harvey told Luker, according to his affidavit.

Luker was then given two months to vacate the property. “The thought of having to move my stuff again is just frightening…I don’t have anything. I’m on a pension. I would end up on the street,” Luker told The Age and Sydney Morning Herald.

Luker has cancer and has been told by doctors there is “nothing more” that can be done to prevent its spread. While Harvey claims to be sympathetic to her situation, he asserted in an affidavit that he never intended for her to live in the house permanently, and is now looking to sell the property.

Harvey’s trust owns the property, but Luker has also claimed ownership — asserting that it belonged to her late husband, who worked as a contractor for the billionaire businessman for 15 years. As per her claims, he made $5500 per month with no benefits or superannuation. According to her court documents, her late husband was bad with money but assured her on multiple occasions that the property was secure for them.

Harvey’s trust acquired the block of land in Kurrajong back in the 1970s, with Gerry hiring Dent to subdivide, build and sell houses on the land. Years later in 2002, Harvey asked Dent to move to Kurrajong to build 15 houses on the land.

“If we make a lot of money out of it, I’ll give you some,” Harvey said, according to his affidavit.

However, no deal was ever legally arranged regarding profits — despite Luker’s claims of a handshake deal. Both parties are due for mediation later this month.