George Lucas Has Helpfully Shared How He Would Have Ruined The New ‘Star Wars’ Films

He's leaning in on those fucking midi-chlorians.

George Lucas

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George Lucas was not involved in any of the most recent Star Wars films, but that hasn’t stopped him speculating on just how he would have irrevocably fucked them.

We haven’t had a Lucas Star Wars film since the ill-fated prequels, which were famous for introducing us to high-octane sci-fi concepts like trade embargoes, sand hatred and microscopic magic bugs called midi-chlorians. It’s that last concept (along with Jar Jar Binks) which are probably the most hated part of the prequels.

However, George Lucas, much like a toddler rampaging through a sandcastle, has proven that he is incapable of remorse or learning from his mistakes.

In an interview found in a book called James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction, Lucas describes how he would have dealt with the new Star Wars trilogy.

His rather unique plans were brought to the wider world thanks to a tweet from illustrator Livio Ramondelli.

They’re certainly something.

Yeah, that’s right — George Lucas wasn’t going to gracefully back away from his whole “the Force is actually a virus” concept, but lean into it like an old greyhound. Lucas wanted to introduce a NEW microbiotic concept called “Whills” who both feed off the Force and control the entire universe.

Sounds great and cool.

I guess we can only respect his commitment to horrible ideas, and also thank all the gods in Hollywood that JJ Abrams and Rian Johnson were hired instead.

Naturally, Star Wars fans who are often already fairly renowned for being pissbabies, are bamboozled by this whole thing.