George Christensen Defended His Gun Photo By Arguing “Extreme Greens” Were Putting Lives At Risk

He then blamed environmental activists for suicides.

George Christensen

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Well known good-decision-maker George Christensen is under from pretty much everyone after he posted a photo of himself holding a gun alongside the caption, “You gotta ask yourself, do you feel lucky, greenie punks?”

But Christensen isn’t backing down. He told journalists today that he won’t be “moralised to” by Green activists, and blamed them for suicides in northern Queensland.

Wait, What?

It all started on Saturday when Christensen posted a photo of himself aiming a rifle and defending the rights of sports shooters, which, fair enough. But then he posted another photo below, with the offending anti-Green comment, which many people took as an invitation to, y’know, murder political opponents.

It was especially poor timing coming just a few days after 17 children were murdered in yet another school shooting in the US, and the photo was condemned by pretty much everyone.

Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young called Christensen an “idiot”.

“You have to wonder whether… this is more of a calculated attempt — a sick attempt — to garner votes from more right-wing parties like One Nation,” she told the ABC. 

Hanson-Young also tweeted a photo of a death threat she had received.

Anti-Adani campaigner Ben Pennings reported the photo to police, saying he received death threats over his environmental activism.

“Abusers online have mentioned the suburb I live in, the car I drive, and say they know my address. My wife asks me what I’d do if the abuse or threats were directed at her or the kids,” he said in a statement. I reckon the abusers are ultimately cowards but I’ve gone to the police just to be sure. I’ve added George Christensen to the list and will report him to the Federal Police also. We shouldn’t allow bullies to be Federal MPs.”

In response to the furore, Christensen said people should just “lighten up”.

But then suddenly overnight, edited the photo’s caption to say, “You gotta ask yourself, do you have a sense of humour, greenie punks?”, then he deleted the photo altogether.

Why Did He Delete The Photo?

We got a hint this morning when Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull criticised his own backbencher over the photo, telling 3AW’s Neil Mitchell this morning it was “very inappropriate and he took it down after he was spoken to about it”. It’s believed acting Nationals leader Nigel Scullion told Christensen to remove the photo.

But despite that criticism, Christensen isn’t sorry at all. Speaking this morning, he repeated at least 10 times that he “won’t be moralised to” by green activists.

The controversial MP said the “real issue” is illegal protest activity by environmental activists, which he said had contributed to suicides in his northern Queensland electorate.

“They’re the ones committing illegal activities. They’re the ones putting people’s lives in danger.”

Christensen also backed Barnaby Joyce to stay on as leader of the Nationals, despite a Newspoll showing most Australians think the Deputy Prime Minister should resign. He also criticised Malcolm Turnbull’s “bonk ban”, saying it was wrong to regulate people’s interpersonal relationships. Christensen is a strong opponent of marriage equality.

So, everything’s going great for the Coalition.