The Genius Behind ‘Ciggy Butt Brain’ Has Animated Triple J’s Textline And It’s Brilliant

"Can't see because of how much my face just melted. Uhhhhhhhhhhh."

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One of the pleasures of live radio is the text banter from friendly, and often not so friendly, listeners. Triple J is one of the country’s most popular radio stations, so it’s understandable that their text line is regularly chock full of all kinds of weird requests, anecdotes and just incoherent rants.

For the first time the station has decided to animate a selection of texts, helpfully providing us with the likely backstory of a range of very weird situations. The three minute video was put together by Michael Cusack, the guy behind the wildly popular Damo and Darren series.

The people are real, the texts are real, the situations are probably real.

Some of my favourites: “Hey I’m stuck driving this car in handcuffs, can I would bloody love to hear some NWA ‘Fuck the Police’ or some Jay-Z ’99 Problems’ to keep me going.”

“Can’t see because of how much my face just melted. Uhhhhhhhhhhh.” A true classic of the genre.

“Karl can you shut your mouth you salami fuck. Play some tune rags.” Leave Dr. Karl alone!

You can watch the whole thing right here: