Please Enjoy Genesis Owusu And The Chats Absolutely Annihilating ‘Psycho Killer’

Talking Heads have never sounded this intense.

Genesis Owusu and The Chats take on Talking Heads

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Everyone — and I mean everyone — goes through a Talking Heads phase sooner or later.

The band’s draw is so inexorable that there is literally no escaping a song like ‘Once in a Lifetime’ or ‘Psycho Killer’, both timeless classics that still have their hold over the culture some two decades since their release. Try as you might, one day — and probably pretty soon — you’ll find yourself cracking out a DVD copy of Stop Making Sense, or submerging yourself in the genius of Fear of Music.

I mean, even a band as un-Talking Heads as Australia’s own The Chats have gotten on the David Byrne train, performing a cover of ‘Psycho Killer’ along with Genesis Owusu on variety music show The Set.

The cover is one of those blessed musical objects that pays homage to the original while also taking it into strange and deeply punk-y places. It’s the precise midpoint between the art-punk of Byrne, the punk-punk of The Chats, and the impossible to describe talents of Genesis Owusu.

Let it wash over you like a wave: