Gen Z Are Absolutely Tearing Millennials To Shreds On TikTok And Look, They’re Not Wrong

"All millennials do is drink wine, post cringy '90s kid' meme, talk about tech start-up and lie."

gen z vs millennials tiktok

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So it turns out that Gen Z are really fed up with boomers confusing them with millennials.

Actually, I lied. It turns out that Gen Z just really fucking hates millennials in general, according to some savage TikTok comments that Al of @local__celeb stumbled upon while scrolling on the app late one night.

While watching videos on her feed, Al came across a TikTok by Gen Z creator @mayalepa, who explained that she didn’t want to be associated with people who “think that Harry Potter movies are a personality trait”. And look, Maya’s not wrong. Millennials do love their Harry Potter. 

Anyway, this video was flooded with hilarious comments that totally, and truthfully, ragged on millennials. Sharing the burns online, Al’s tweet immediately went viral with good reason.

“They be 34 talking about ‘I’m a Hufflepuff’ like grow up and do a line of coke already,” one Gen Z wrote. “They’re worried about their Harry Potter house but they live in a one-bedroom apartment… y’all worried about the wrong houses,” said another.

As the comments continued, they begun to get more and more personal. “Or ‘ugh I hate adulting, just give me a slice of pizza and wine’ like sis, Rebecca you are 32 and an alcoholic pls sit down” and “All they do is drink wine, post cringy ’90s kid’ meme, talk about tech start-up and lie”.

While these burns were genuinely funny, some millennials got mad at the jokes being made at their expense and thus started a culture war of sorts.

In particular, people found the most offence in the throwaway criticism of millennials living in one-bedroom apartments. Essentially, millennials got upset that zoomers were commenting on their living conditions because they themselves had yet to even experience the horrid housing market, that will likely be worse by the time the get old enough to start renting.

Others just found being attacked by both Gen Z and boomers at the same far too much to handle, while most were just indifferent to being roasted because we all do it to ourselves so often.

At the end of the day, millennials and Gen Z are always going to fight. We’re always going to think zoomers are just TikTok dancing, Fornite-playing, Jake Paul-loving kids and Gen Z will always look at millennials as cringy, Harry Potter-obsessed, BuzzFeed quiz-taking, wine-drinking old people. And that’s ok, they’re just jokes.

After all, we will always have our one common interest and enemy anyway: Hating boomers and a general apathy towards life.