Gen Z Are, Once Again, Roasting Millennials By Cancelling Skinny Jeans And Side Parts

Please don't take skinny jeans from me. They're all I have left.

Gen Z millenials tiktok side part skinny jeans

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Just as millennials find immense joy in roasting boomers, Gen Z have found similar delight in dragging millennials at any chance they get.

If you cast your mind back to June last year, zoomers had an absolute field day in the comment section of a TikTok made by a Gen Z creator, who shared her disdain for being confused for a millennial.

In the now-deleted video, @mayalepa explained that she didn’t want to be associated with people who “think that Harry Potter movies are a personality trait”, which, to be fair, neither do I and I am a millennial.

But as soon as Maya’s comment section begun to get flooded with Gen Z absolutely ragging on millennials, the comments went viral on Twitter for just how savage (and sadly, correct) the reads were.

“All they do is drink wine, post cringy ’’90s kid’ meme, talk about tech start-up and lie,” said one drag. “‘Ugh I hate adulting, just give me a slice of pizza and wine’ like sis, Rebecca you are 32 and an alcoholic pls sit down,” painfully said another.

Basically, Gen Z do not like millennial culture.

So it should really be no surprise that zoomers are now pointing out all the small signs that instantly reveal a millennial’s age without much work at all.

For example, apparently having anything other than a middle part is the one of the easiest ways to spot a millennial in the wild. Side parts scream old, y’all! So unless you want to look 68, or get lovingly dragged by Gen Z, try to avoid them at all costs.

Oh, and while you’re also rushing to part your hair in the middle, make sure you also bin all your skinny jeans while you’re at it.

According to zoomers, skinny jeans have actually been out of style for good while. Gen Z are all about baggy pants, yoga pants and chinos these days.

Millennials can also simply never use the cry laughing emoji ever again. Turns out Gen Z only use the 😂🤣  emojis ironically, so anyone who uses them earnestly is automatically uncool. I suspect “skskskdfjdsfkdsfsdjfosdfs” and “I’m levitating” are now the only appropriate responses to anything humorous, judging by what most TikTok comment sections now look like.

Then, of course, there’s the word “selfie”. Yep.

Apparently society has surpassed the need for the word selfie because zoomers reckon it “represents everything about millennials that we all hate”. Instead, using “photo of myself” or just using the word picture is the way to go from here on out.

Last up, if your mind ever instantly goes to a 3OH!3 track instead of a One Direction song, you guessed it: You’re an old as hell millennial.

But honestly, take this Gen Z advice all with a grain of salt. After all, are we really going to listen to the generation who were downing Tide Pods in their free time?

I think not.