These Gay Penguins Stole An Entire Nest Of Eggs From A Lesbian Penguin Couple

We need to be supporting each other, not stealing eggs!

Gay Dutch penguins steal eggs from Lesbian couple

Two gay penguins at a Netherlands zoo have stolen an entire nest of eggs from a lesbian  penguin couple, in a battle to produce the most gay family.

As posted by Amersfoot’s Dierenpark on Facebook, the couple took an entire nest, but it’s unlikely that any of the eggs will hatch, given they were likely not fertilised. The gay penguins nonetheless persist, and take turns brooding on the nest.

It’s not the first time either: these gay criminal penguins made international news last year for stealing an egg to make a family.

“The males took the egg from a straight couple at an unguarded moment,” zookeeper Marc Belt told Dutch site RTV Utrecht last year, adding that it was ‘remarkable’ they got hold of one.

“It turns out to be a determined couple,” zookeeper Sander Drost told RTV Utrecht after this second heist. They do look a little shifty, no?

Homosexual penguins are somewhat common: they often pick same-sex partners, and have been known to look after eggs left behind by their straight counterparts.

There are even a few well-known instances of same-sex penguin couples raising families after eggs hatch, such as Z and Vielpunkt and Lesbian couple Electra and Viola. In Australia, Sea Life Sydney Aquarium gentoo penguins Magic and Sphen hatched a foster egg in 2018, which they were given by the aquarium.

Watch some footage of the naughty gay heist penguins below.