Grab Your Phone And Call This Number To Hear The New Gang Of Youths Track

30 seconds of new Gangs? We'll take it.

gang of youths photo

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Gang of Youths sure know how to roll out an album.

After teasing something big this last week, sending their socials black and then re-emerging with a mysterious clip, the band have now tremendously upped the ante. First, they sent out postcards to their most devoted followers, all emblazoned with the mysterious words ‘The Angel of 8th Ave’ and redirecting users to a new website.

Then, eagle-eyed British fans of the band discovered that their neighbourhoods had been populated with Gang of Youths branded billboards, marked only with a mysterious phone number. Upon calling the number, fans discovered a treat — a 30-second snippet of the band’s (supposed) new single, playing right down the line.

The biggest thing that the snippet reveals is that the band are not doing a cover. After that mysterious clip on the group’s Instagram first emerged, some assumed that the new single ‘The Angel of 8th Ave’ was a cover of a song by a similar name, first recorded by Mott the Hoople. But the billboards have dispelled that rumour — the new music is just that, new, not a re-working of a distant classic.

Ultimately, that’s very good news for Gang of Youths fans — it’s a treat to imagine that the group have gone back to their basics, and are making something wholly original.

As to when we’ll get an official release of ‘The Angel of 8th Ave’, that still remains to be seen. But given how quickly that the album promo is stepping out, chances are it will be some time very soon. GOY diehards, keep your fingers crossed.