There’s Another ‘Game of Thrones’ Prequel In The Works

Fire and blood.

Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones

The final season of Game of Thrones was — well, let’s just call it controversial.

Even some of the most loyal and dedicated fans found the conclusion rushed, with Daenerys’ (spoilers) particularly fiery heel turn singled out for particular criticism.

But that doesn’t mean that people don’t have a burning (pun intended) desire for more Game of Thrones — a desire HBO is all too keen to service.

Yep, there’s soon set to be a lot more George R.R. Martin hitting the airwaves, with another prequel series just announced. For those counting, that now means we’re up to two spin-offs (and who knows, maybe more are forthcoming.)

The newest spin-off show announced will focus on the Targaryen dynasty. In particular, the series will chart the “beginning of the end” for the famous Westeros house, so one should expect to see a lot of rot, corruption and decay, presumably leading up to the moment that Jamie “Kingslayer” Lannister earned his nickname.

Although the announcement is still essentially just a rumour — HBO have declined to comment — early rumblings suggest that Martin himself will have a bigger hand in production. He’s listed as co-showrunner, alongside Ryan Condal, who is the man behind acclaimed speculative fiction miniseries Colony.

The fact that Martin is playing such a big part in production will probably allay the fears of those who felt the final season of the show was disrupted by Benioff and Weiss doing their increasingly illogical thing. (Though it’s worth noting that for his part, Martin has always been supportive of the direction that the show took in its final two seasons.)

Although, on the other hand, the more time that Martin spends on a television show, the less time he’s gonna spend writing that long-awaited next Game of Thrones book.

So, you know, swings and roundabouts.