Just A Bunch Of Memes About Bran Being A Creepy Weirdo

He's the worst.

Bran memes Game of Thrones S08E01

Game of Thrones is back, baby, and boy did it return with a bang. The season 8 premiere was packed with incredible moments and emotional reunions, and set up what looms as one of the most epic seasons of television in the history of the medium.

Also, Bran was there.

I don’t mean to be too harsh on the youngest surviving Stark boy (RIP Rickon, should have zigzagged). Bran has had a pretty tough go of it, from getting pushed out a window to having half his family murdered to nearly freezing to death beyond the wall. But ever since he became the three-eyed raven he’s been… well… kind of a creep.

Still, at least the memes have been good.

(Spoilers below, obviously)

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