Freya The Walrus Is Sinking Boats And Living Up Her Hot Girl Summer

Sleeping 20 hours a day, destroying boats, sunbaking - Freya is living the dream.


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A 600kg walrus called Freya has been sunning herself in an Oslo fjord, sinking boats and winning hearts with her sheer power.

Named aptly after the Norse goddess of beauty and love, Freya is a local Norwegian celebrity. She was first sighted lungeing on holiday boats in the Southern Norwegian village Kragero.

Since July 17, Freya has been summering in the country’s capital, Oslo where she’s been sunning on boats in the fjord. Verdens Gang, a Norwegian tabloid, set up a 24-hour live cam of Freya’s vacay from the Arctic that can be viewed here.

And like any babe dedicated to her hot girl summer, Freya has been destroying public and private property without care. According to the Guardian, Freya has been sinking a few small boats under the weight of her beauty. But who hasn’t broken a boat trying to find that perfect sun-baking spot?

Norway’s Directorate of Fisheries released a statement, asking people to leave Feya to enjoy her summer. Translated using Google translate, the statement reads:

“We encourage people in the area to leave Freya the walrus alone. She is a wild animal of around 600 kg, which is not necessarily as codish and clumsy as one might get the impression.” The statement continues, “She is doing well, feeding, resting and seems to be in good condition.”

Native Arctic Walruses like Freya famously sleep for up to 20 hours a day. True to form, the majority of footage collected by both Verdens Gang and Euro News shows this hottie napping in the sun. When she’s not resting she’s been seen chasing ducks and attacking a swan or 2.

This isn’t Freya’s first summer abroad either. She’s previously been spotted in the UK, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden.

The Directorate of Fisheries has said that they’re currently working on plans to relocate Freya. An update will be provided soon. In the meantime, let’s raise a toast to Freya nature’s queen of hot girl summer.

Photo Credit: Getty Images