Over A Million People Have Signed A Petition To Have Fraser Anning Removed From Parliament

Meanwhile, Peter Dutton seriously reckons the Greens are just as bad.

Petition to remove Fraser Anning from Parliament

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More than a million Australians have signed a Change.org petition calling for Fraser Anning to be removed from Parliament after his disgraceful response to the Christchurch terror attack on Friday. “Senator Fraser Anning’s views have no place in the government of our democratic and multicultural country,” the petition reads, and it’s damn right.

Anning has already been widely slammed (and egged) after he blamed Muslims for the Christchurch mosque attack that left 50 dead. “The real cause of bloodshed on New Zealand streets today is the immigration program which allowed Muslim fanatics to migrate to New Zealand in the first place,” Anning said, just hours after the attack on the Muslim community. “Let us be clear, while Muslims may have been the victims today, usually they are the perpetrators.”

The petition to have Anning removed from Parliament points out that Anning has been making similarly appalling comments throughout his time in Parliament — he referenced the “final solution” in his maiden speech. It also argues that Anning was elected on dishonest grounds in the first place, given that he was sworn in as a replacement for dual citizen One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts, but quit One Nation immediately after being sworn in.

Without One Nation’s assistance, Anning certainly wouldn’t have been elected to Parliament — on his own, he received just 19 primary votes. Meanwhile, the Change.org petition to remove Anning currently has 1,150,000 signatures, making it the largest Change.org petition in Australian history by a pretty enormous margin.

In order for Parliament to actually expel a member like Anning for offensive speech, laws would have to be changed. The Greens are currently considering proposing those changes, but both major parties have indicated that they’ll leave it up to the Australian public to get rid of Anning at the election. In the meantime, both parties say they’ll support a censure motion against him (basically the Parliamentary way of telling him he’s done a Bad Thing).

Peter Dutton Is Getting Absolutely Slammed For Calling The Greens “Just As Bad” As Fraser Anning

In the meantime, local knobhead Peter Dutton is currently busy attacking the Greens, who he reckons are “frankly are just as bad in this circumstance as people like Fraser Anning” and “should equally be condemned”.

If you’re wondering what the Greens have done that could possibly be on-par with blaming innocent victims for their own murders, the answer is absolutely nothing. Dutton’s comments come after Greens MPs including Mehreen Faruqi pointed out that the government, along with the far-right, needs to take responsibility for stoking anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant sentiment in recent years.

“It is politicians like Peter Dutton who have actually contributed to creating an atmosphere where hate is allowed to incubate in our society,” Faruqi told Radio National over the weekend. “They can’t shrug off their responsibility.”

“What they’ve been doing does come with a cost, it does come with consequences, because really they’ve been playing games with our lives.”

The fact that Peter Dutton can’t see the difference between that comment and Fraser Anning’s speaks volumes. If you’d like to check out the petition calling for Anning’s removal, you can find it here.