Mark Humphries Just Brutally Roasted Fraser Anning’s ‘Nazi Beach Trip’

"Just put your feet up, one arm up, and let the Australian taxpayer take care of the rest."

Mark Humphries roasts Fraser Anning over far right rally

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Comedian Mark Humphries has unleashed on Independent Senator Fraser Anning, starring in a fake episode of travel show Getaway mocking Anning’s recent trip to Melbourne to attend a rally with a bunch of right wing extremists.

“They say that travel broadens the mind,” says Humphries. “But if narrowing the mind is what you’re after, then you can get a taste of 1930s Germany right here on St Kilda beach.”

“Whether you’re travelling for business, pleasure or Nazis, senators can take an all-expenses trip thanks to our friends the Australian taxpayer,” Humphries explains. “Parliamentary trips to Nazi rallies start at zero dollars, but if you want to disgrace yourself in style, the taxpayer will upgrade you to business class for no extra charge.”

The sketch, which originally aired on 7.30, intersperses clips of Humphries with actual footage from the rally, including shots of Anning paling around with convicted racist Blair Cottrell.

“The only downside is a trip like this might not go down well with your constituency,” says Humphries. “But if you have a constituency of 19 people who were probably trying to draw a penis on the ballot but accidentally voted for you, then that doesn’t matter, does it?”

Check out the full sketch below.