Bigoted Idiot Fraser Anning Compares Muslims To Poison Jelly Beans

Piss off.

Fraser Anning

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Federal Senator and colossal deadshit Fraser Anning has doubled down on the appallingly racist remarks he made during his maiden speech to parliament on Tuesday evening, using various media appearances this morning to compare Muslims to poison jelly beans and insist that his use of Nazi terminology was actually fine.

Anning, who replaced One Nation moron Malcolm Roberts before defecting to Bob Katter’s Australian Party, drew widespread condemnation for his maiden speech in which he praised the White Australia Policy and claimed that “while all Muslims are not terrorists, certainly all terrorists these days are Muslims”.

He also said that “the final solution to the immigration problem, of course, is a popular vote”. The Final Solution is what the Nazis called the systematic slaughter of millions of people, but Anning apparently thinks that’s fine.

“All I said was the final solution to the immigration problem is a vote of the Australian people,” he told Today host Georgie Gardner on Wednesday. “That has nothing to do with the Final Solution, the thought police got onto that.”

“If people want to take it out of context, it’s entirely up to them,” he added, before accusing his critics of trying to “shut down debate”.

Anning also repeated his earlier claim that over half of the working-age Muslims in Australia do not have jobs, which is a lie.

When Gardner asserted that “the vast majority of Muslims are hard-working, decent, law-abiding citizens”, Anning replied that “if five percent of them aren’t good people who want to integrate, and we bring in another 1000, that means there’s another 50 here that want to kill us.”

“I don’t want those people in this country, and I think the vast majority of Australians agree with me,” he said.

They don’t.

Anning also appeared on Sydney’s 2GB Radio, where he told host Alan Jones that Muslim immigration needed to end because some of the immigrants could be terrorists.

“If you can tell me which ones are not going to cause us harm then fine, that’d be great.” he said. “Unfortunately if you have a jar of jelly beans and three of them are poison you’re not going to try any of them.”

“I can’t tell who’s who,” he added, in case you didn’t already realise what a fucking idiot he is. “I think the safest thing for Australians is that we don’t have any of them”.